Introducing Formee

Introducing Formee

An intuitive CLI to help you quickly create and deploy forms from the command line.

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·Mar 29, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • What's Hasura and how was it used?
  • What does the app do?
  • How do I create a form?
  • It looks complex, can you first tell me how to use it.
  • Documentation
  • The Code
  • Feedback
  • View on ProductHunt
  • Final Words


Formee is a tool that provides an easy way to create, edit and manage forms from the command line. It uses a powerful GraphQL API (provided by Hasura) and strives to make the process of working with forms as easy and simple as possible. I made this because I use google form quite a lot, but don't want to leave the terminal. So, I started work on creating Formee. Formee provides a simple, yet powerful interface for you to create, view, deploy, fill forms. Deployed forms also have a web version so every respondent doesn't have to download the CLI.

What's Hasura and how was it used?

Well, Hasura is a platform that creates GraphQL queries for databases and handles security, authentication etc so we don't have to. In this project, Hasura is used to deploy the forms, handle authentication etc, i.e, pretty much the backend. I just created the tables, connected a database and set permissions. Due to Hasura, the only backend I had to make was the JWT Generator for authenticating the client requests.

What does the app do?

Well, pretty much, everything related to forms. You can:

  • Create Forms
  • Try them without deploying
  • View Raw Form Data
  • Fill them from the CLI or the web
  • Deploy a form to our databases
  • View responses to a form
  • Store responses from a form in a JSON, YAML file

How do I create a form?

It is quite easy, just follow the following steps to create and deploy a form.

  • Install the CLI
  • Register or login to the CLI (Only logged in users can deploy forms for obvious reasons)
  • Create a form (It will give you a YAML file)
  • Try the form to see if everything looks like you think it should
  • You can fix typos etc manually in the YAML file created earlier
  • Deploy the form (It should give you a form ID, this can be used to fill the forms)
  • Voila! You are done.

It looks complex, can you first tell me how to use it.

Hmm, I have written a whole section in the docs for you on how to get started. Visit by clicking here.


You can have a look at the docs here.

The Code

The Code for Formee is split into multiple GitHub repositories.


You can submit your feedback to the application by visiting or just filling up the form with ID 18 from the CLI. I would love to know your opinions, suggestions etc.

View on ProductHunt

Final Words

I had a blast making Formee and would love to hear what y'all think of this little project of mine. Creating things, solving problems and learning new technologies is what I love and it involved all of them. So, it is very much worth it. A big thanks for the opportunity (by the means of this hackathon) to the Hashnode and Hasura teams.

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