Blockchain -Introduction to fundamentals

In this series, we embark together on a journey together to learn the basic underlying technology behind the Cryptocurrencies and the hype. We will also try to implement them in Python. Let's Go.

Articles in this series

Byzantine Fault Tolerance (In a Blockchain)

Dec 27, 20213 min read

Welcome Again! Today, we are going to learn about a core fundamental that is essential to building any decentralised system not just blockchain. Let's...

Byzantine Fault Tolerance (In a Blockchain)
Mining In a Blockchain (Part- 2 The Cryptographic Puzzle)
Mining In A Blockchain (Part 1- The Nonce)
Distributed Peer-To-Peer Network (The Blockchain)
What is an Immutable Ledger? (Blockchain)
Hashing (and its use in a blockchain)