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Hello World! I am Arpan Pandey, a 15-year-old student from India. I love to create software, help people, and learn new things. I have completed courses like CS50 by Harvard University and tried to make use of my skills to do my part in the Open Source World. I want to learn new things every day and I like to share whatever I know and help others whenever I can. I love to build things and make them useful for my family, friends, and most importantly other devs who are interested in what I am creating. I am also a proud creator of many open-source projects like Web3 CLI and Dev Army Knife.

My Projects:

Dev Army Knife

The Dev Army Knife is a toolkit for developers to do various tasks such as creating QRCodes, editing code, and more. We have designed it keeping in mind the needs of a developer in their day-to-day life. Whether you are working on a project and need to create codes, create Hashes/HMACs, RSA keypairs etc., we've got your back!. We have a suite of 13 tools and this number will be growing significantly. We have all sorts of conventional and unconventional tools whether you may want to create QR/Barcodes, Hashes/HMACs etc. We also have a number of code editors for 4 languages and one for markdown too. You can also compress images, generate fake cards etc. This toolkit can also help you have fun with a good trivia quiz, random programming jokes and fun facts, even excuses too.

Web3 CLI

It is a Command-Line program to interact with your NFTs, Cryptocurrencies etc. via the ThirdWeb Platform. This is just a fun little project that I made to be able to connect to blockchains and Web3 from the command line.


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